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TriPartum presents at CHC Communications Conference

TriPartum presents at CHC Communications Conference

It’s been a busy start to the year, with Ben Whitmore, TriPartum’s Design Director, travelling to Swansea to present at the 2018 Communications Conference, organised by Community Housing Cymru (CHC).

The conference featured sessions on marketing, social media, branding, crisis communications, media relations, graphic design and more.

In his presentation ‘Communicating clearly with tenants’, Ben focused on how to:

  • make sure that regular tenant communications, such as rent statements and service charge documents, are clear and compelling
  • communicate with tenants in the format that is right for them
  • create better customer experiences.

You can find out more about the conference here.

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February 2018 Newsletter

Latest News from TriPartum: February 2018

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. There’s plenty happening at TriPartum – here are just a few of the highlights!

  • Educational event: helping CHC members with Welsh contract compliance
  • Technology insights: two new Ebooks
  • Featured client: Peabody Group
  • Award winning solutions

Take a look inside.

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A to Z of CCM Guide

A to Z of CCM guide

At TriPartum, we live and breathe customer communications management (CCM) every day. However, we recognize that organisations may not fully understand the benefits of CCM.

There are a lot of buzz words and phrases around CCM that not everyone is familiar with. So, we’ve put together an ‘A to Z of CCM’ guide with some of the terminology used.

Whether it’s ‘compliance’, or ‘multichannel’, or ‘retention’, you can find out more in our easy-to-use guide.

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Reflections on 2017 – we’re ready for 2018!

What an exciting year 2017 was for both TriPartum and our clients. Below are just some of the highlights that have set us up for another great year in 2018.

Our clients

Throughout 2017 we worked closely with our housing association clients to further improve their tenant and stakeholder documents and help them meet their digital transition and Value for Money (VfM) objectives.

We were delighted to be selected as a commercial partner of Community Housing Cymru. At their Big Conference we had the opportunity to connect with their housing associations members from across Wales. Watch out for further exciting developments in 2018!

Other events we attended include the NHF Annual Conference in Birmingham, where we met many professionals from housing associations across the country, find out more. We also attended the NHF Service Charge and Leaseholder conference in London.
TriPartum attends NHF leaseholder service charges conference.

One of our key successes in this sector was the work done at One Housing, which is outlined in our client story and video testimonial. Further success was also achieved with Peabody Group, again reflected in our latest client story..

But our client successes were not just restricted to social housing. Working with one of our key clients in the financial industry, we redesigned the content of their customer statements for 2018. This is a major project to enable them to meet their regulatory obligations with information, as well as review other content and information relevant to their customers.

Our company

In 2017 we were proud to deliver for our clients:

c8,437,658 images

c546,615 mail packs

c674,349 e-mails

c1,268 support hours

Our solutions gained further industry recognition in 2017. We were shortlisted in three categories for the Solutions Awards 2017 – and won the ‘Solutions for Direct Mail’ category.
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Technology-wise, we introduced our new CCM managed service platform, Synthesis, which provides new functionality for customers to enhance their customer communications across all channels.

We invested more in marketing and new business development in 2017. We refreshed the TriPartum brand and launched a new website featuring a wealth of client stories, eBooks, blogs and videos featuring our clients and our team.

To help create more awareness of our company and our solutions, we were featured in leading industry media:

Housing Technology features TriPartum article

One Housing featured in 24housing

Housing Technology November featured TriPartum article

24housing December features TriPartum digital transformation article

Finally, David Pickett joined the TriPartum team as Business Development Executive. David has been successful in building solid relationships in a number of key market sectors, leading to projects which we believe will provide a solid foundation for success in 2018.

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TriPartum delivers on new Peabody Customer Communication Initiative

TriPartum delivers on new Peabody Customer Communication Initiative

December 12, 2017 – TriPartum, the customer communications management (CCM) experts, has enabled the Peabody Group to enhance customer experience and engagement through a new annual service charges communication initiative.

Following a recent merger with Family Mosaic, the new Peabody Group now provides homes and services to more than 111,000 residents and 8,000 care home service customers. As part of its strategy, the organisation sought to enhance its annual actual service charges mailing, previously a 10-page mono colour document.

“We work with many social housing organisations to enhance their customer communications,” said James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum. “We met with Peabody’s key stakeholders and created then delivered a 16-page personalised colour booklet which clearly and concisely outlined each recipient’s annual service charges.”

Timescales for the project were very tight – less than three months from initial meetings with TriPartum to a pilot mailing of the final booklet, including complex data sorting and verification. TriPartum really delivered on the project, and since the mailing went out an initial customer survey by Peabody revealed that around 80% agreed the format was an improvement and the content was clearer, and just under 66% indicated it was easier to understand.

About TriPartum

We are knowledgeable and experienced Customer Communications Management (CCM) experts, providing organisations with advice and services that transform their communications and enhance customer experience.
Our unique blend of expertise combines business strategy, process analysis, information design, development, data integration and analytics to create cost-effective solutions that can be delivered to multiple channels. Our experience spans a wide range of sectors including Social Housing, Insurance, Telecom, Utility, Retail and Financial Services.

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Ebook: How to accelerate digital transition

Digital transition really is a journey. It’s about moving towards the use of digital technology to communicate with customers more effectively, enhance customer experience, increase staff efficiency and ensure Value for Money (VfM) in the delivery of services.

Moving from largely paper-based processes to the use and deployment of digital technologies certainly isn’t straightforward, and organisational inertia often means it’s easy to get bogged down.

So how can you accelerate digital transition? We’ve put together an Ebook that outlines 10 steps that can help speed your journey, including:

  • Review your existing documents and processes
  • Involve all key stakeholders
  • Make improvements – but only where you need to
  • Get your customers’ perspectives
  • Outline a strategy
  • Determine your key goals
  • Identify and leverage data
  • Establish your customer touchpoints
  • Make sure you’re compliant
  • Get external help and expertise
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24Housing December features TriPartum’s Digital Transformation article

24Housing features TriPartum’s Digital Transformation article

An article by TriPartum’s MD James Shand, ‘Digital Transformation Roadmap – where are you heading?’, is featured in the December issue of 24Housing magazine.

Many housing associations are certainly focused on a digital transformation (or transition) ‘roadmap’. The key question that the article poses is: how many of them know where they’re heading?

Leveraging current paper-based processes to work seamlessly with new digital initiatives really can help increase the effectiveness of both channels.

Digital transformation needn’t just be a buzz phrase – it really is feasible for any housing association to achieve it successfully by ensuring that the right solutions are in place to enable communication via the channels that customers demand.

You can also download our Ebook ‘Five ways to enhance tenant and leaseholder communications’ here.

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Housing Technology November features TriPartum article

TriPartum featured in Housing Technology

Housing Technology magazine’s November issue features an article by TriPartum’s MD James Shand on ‘Enhancing tenant communications’.

In the article, James outlines five ways to enhance regular tenant and leaseholder communications, including:

  • Reviewing statements and other correspondence
  • Ensuring clarity of message across all communications
  • Understanding and leveraging data
  • Personalising and improving experience and response
  • Communicating via tenants’ channels of choice

The article also includes key questions housing associations need to ask when looking at how they can maximise the value of their customer communications.

You can also download our Ebook ‘Five ways to enhance tenant and leaseholder communications’ here.

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TriPartum is a winner at Solutions Awards

TriPartum is a winner at Solutions Awards

We’re delighted to announce that TriPartum has won the ‘Solutions for Direct Mail’ category of The Solutions Awards 2017, held on November 14 at London’s Café de Paris.

The awards, organised by Earth Island, publishers of leading monthly Print Solutions, recognise excellence in the print services industry.

TriPartum’s winning entry was based on our work at One Housing. TriPartum produced a fully personalised, digitally printed 20-page A4 booklet for the housing association’s annual mailing to around 14,000 tenants and leaseholders, enabling significant improvements in efficiency and associated cost savings. You can find out more by reading our One Housing client story.

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Getting customers to Rave about you

Getting customers to Rave about you

Last week I attended Raveolution 2017, a customer engagement event in London organised by Rant & Rave. The theme was ‘Carnival’, and the supporting cast for the programme consisted of some inspiring thought leadership presentations from the likes of Homeserve, Capita (M&S), Dunelm and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

The message? Well, it was all about understanding why customers rant about your organisation, and what you need to do to ensure they rave about you. It’s all down to the customer experience and journey, gathering feedback supported by clever analytics to make informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Based on the presentations, each organisation has in some way improved its business by satisfying customers, which in turn translates into happy employees (colleagues) and general improvement to the bottom line.

For me it was interesting to talk to other attendees and understand how poor customer experience was being addressed once the analytics identified an issue. I have the opportunity in a services environment where customer feedback on their experience builds toward achieving a higher rating. What I didn’t see a connection with at the event was where every-day experiences were being captured and addressed – maybe it’s there and I haven’t recognised it yet.

In our world, we are helping organisations improve customer experience by developing effective solutions around conveying information, often for compliance reasons, which ensure the customer is informed or takes any necessary actions.

We start with the basics, usually a physical document, to create a communication which is easy to understand by effectively leading the recipient through a ‘story’. Of course, we also deliver information through digital channels, including email, SMS, web portals, etc. The delivery channel is part of the process, while the information design and workflow interactions form part of the insight and skill.

One thing’s for sure. Identifying and resolving issues that can impact on the customer experience throughout the journey can help reduce the ranting – and hopefully increase the raving.

James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum

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