Benefits of our service

At TriPartum we ‘go the extra mile’ for our clients. We can tailor our services to meet their specific customer communications demands in key areas such as marketing, finance, IT / operations and compliance.


We enable marketers to create personalised customer communications that deliver compelling on-brand messages, improve customer experience
and increase loyalty and retention.

With the trend towards more direct, customer-centric marketing – and to ensure a positive customer experience that adds to the bottom line – more than ever marketers need sound customer communications management (CCM) strategies and solutions in place.

Turning regular customer communications, such as bills and statements, into powerful marketing vehicles that deliver results isn’t easy. But it’s something TriPartum does every day for marketers at client organisations.

We provide an independent, pragmatic marketing perspective on regular transactional customer interactions. We ensure, through our robust, proven and seamless CCM solutions, that you can:

  • ensure marketing messages hit the right people at the right time
  • reach clients in the format and via the channel they want to be contacted
  • maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • ensure consistency of brand and message in regular documents
  • maximise accuracy and minimise errors
  • increase customer responsiveness to help drive revenue growth.

You know when something has been successful when you hear people refer to documentation as a marketing tool, and not simply as forms to be sent. Our original goals of what we wanted from this process have been more than met.

Director of Retail, Insurance Services company


Our integrated and seamless Managed Service enables finance leaders to cost-effectively manage transactional and other customer communications, without significant capital outlay.

Customers are the financial lifeblood of any organisation. The key challenge to finance leaders is to maximise the income from each customer – and minimise the costs involved in communicating with them. It’s a fine balance to strike.

We know from experience that investment in customer communications management (CCM) strategies can be a challenge for some organisations, particularly as the benefits can seem to be hard to quantify.

While print costs are perhaps easily understood and calculated, implementing and maintaining CCM systems and processes can be more difficult to justify.

At TriPartum, we provide CCM strategies and solutions that enable finance leaders to:

  • reduce the capital outlay involved in buying and supporting CCM systems
  • enable the business to calculate and consolidate the overheads involved in regular customer communications
  • make significant savings on communications across the entire organisation
  • demonstrate the benefits of a single solution and consolidated approach
  • extract maximum value and revenue from every customer interaction.

Whatever the financial challenge, we are adept at working with finance heads to ensure all customer communications are cost-effective, with minimal in-house overheads.

There is growing realisation that the monthly statement is the most important document that we have – both in terms of how our brand is put across and how we communicate effectively with clients. TriPartum helped us to achieve this, while also bringing our costs down.

Marketing Manager, Private Bank

IT / operations

TriPartum’s Managed Service incorporates a leading-edge platform to create and deliver customer communications in-sync with, or separate from, in-house IT operations.

In many organisations, there can often be a huge gap between planning an effective customer communications management (CCM) strategy – and having the technology infrastructure to execute it.

IT and operations teams often run to keep up in terms of making customer communications initiatives happen – simply because the systems, processes or resources are not available internally.

At TriPartum, we can fill this gap. We have spent many years building an integrated and seamless Managed Service that can fulfil organisations’ CCM objectives.

Our end-to-end service combines extensive knowledge and expertise with a leading-edge CCM platform. We can work in-sync with existing IT and operations systems and processes, or ‘take the problem away’ with a fully outsourced solution, working where necessary with third-party print suppliers.

Proven through multiple successful implementations at a wide range of organisations, our Managed Service platform is robust and reliable – and it delivers results.

We can help organisations achieve real IT cost savings since they do not have to invest in building, maintaining and supporting expensive hardware and software to achieve their customer communications goals.

In terms of bill design and output, we wanted to find a third-party provider that could not only meet our critical objectives, but also work with us to create a more customer-friendly, ‘smarter’ bill.

Head of Procurement, Telecoms company


The demands for regulatory and legal compliance continue to increase. TriPartum has extensive experience of working with client organisations to ensure that their customer communications are fully compliant.

When it comes to any regular transactional or other communications with customers, organisations face a compliance minefield that can impact on their reputation – and bottom line.

Legislation such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just one example where failure to comply could result in a fine of up to 4% of turnover, or €20 million – whichever is larger.

At TriPartum, we have many years of experience helping organisations to meet a broad range of legal, legislative and industry compliance standards in their regular transactional and other communications with customers.

We understand the many compliance pitfalls that organisations can fall into. We can help them put in checks and balances to ensure that any planned customer communications meet the required standards – and more importantly, do not breach them.

TriPartum’s experts came to our head office and went through our requirements very thoroughly, ironing out any issues we had. Their knowledge and expertise provided me with reassurance. They suggested ideas that would benefit both us and our customers.

Pension Servicing Manager, Financial Services