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TriPartum named as Solutions Awards finalist

TriPartum named as Solutions Awards finalist

TriPartum has been named as a finalist in The Solutions Awards 2017 in the category ‘Solutions for Direct Mail’.

The awards, organised by Earth Island, publishers of leading monthly Print Solutions, recognises excellence in the print services industry. TriPartum is one of three finalists in the direct mail category, with an entry based on our work at One Housing.

Thousands of votes have been cast for the awards, although voting for the finalists will continue until just before the awards event, to be held on November 14 at London’s Café de Paris.

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NHF Leaseholder and Tenant Service Charges Conference

London event surrounded by history

The No.1 America Square Conference Centre was the unique venue for the recent National Housing Federation Leaseholder and Tenant Service Charges Conference – unique in that it has a well-preserved section of the (Roman) London Wall running right through it.

Surrounded by history (literally), the TriPartum team embarked on communicating to housing associations how, with their service charges documents, creating a great customer experience can have a positive impact on an organisation, both financially and holistically.

Understanding challenges

It was great to speak with so many individuals who are passionate about improving the experience they offer to residents, and understand the challenges they face when trying to produce engaging documentation.

What became clear was that many housing associations are still stuffing envelopes by hand, creating huge potential for risk, particularly with GDPR legislation not far away. There is also the issue of template-driven output that presents information to residents, regardless of its relevance or importance to them.

This model is not flexible and doesn’t provide personalised content to residents –  confusion can creep in, leading to a rise in query calls and ultimately increasing costs to housing associations.

The buzz phrase at the event was ‘Digital Transition’ and the event was an opportunity for us to give an insight into our history of success in helping housing associations to make that transition.

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NHF Annual Conference

Getting the message across at the NHF Annual Conference

The TriPartum team was armed with a brand new display stand, inflatable microphone and picture frame for the recent National Housing Federation Annual Conference at Birmingham’s ICC.

At the conference, which brings together over 2,000 delegates to discuss everything housing, we were excited to deliver our message of clear and concise customer communications to housing associations.

Loud and clear

They need to communicate information loudly and clearly so that the right message gets through to the right residents, hence our inflatable microphone. The picture frame represents the framework needed for focusing on customers’ needs. At the event, we encouraged delegates visiting our stand to step into the frame and grab a mic for fun.

Customer experience

We were keen to communicate the message that creating a good customer experience has benefits across all areas of a business. It’s also cost effective, as we help housing associations improve efficiency across their production processes by understanding the whole operation, from data to delivery.

When talking to housing associations on the exhibition floor, it became apparent that there are two key objectives: Digital Transition and Value for Money (VfM).  We’re very well placed at TriPartum to assist in both these areas, and can point to our previous work with organisations such as North Hertfordshire Homes and One Housing, helping them to completely transform their communications with customers.

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Ebook: Five ways to enhance tenant and leaseholder communications

Housing associations are under increasing pressure to deliver Value for Money in their regular communications with tenants and leaseholders. Communications, such as rent and service charge statements, are complex and costly documents to produce and often rely on laborious manual processes.

So how can associations make the transition to digital, personalise their communications and deliver them efficiently to customers’ channels of choice? We’ve put together an Ebook that details five ways to enhance regular tenant and leaseholder communications, including:

  1. Review statements and other correspondence
  2. Ensure clarity of message across all communications
  3. Understand and leverage data
  4. Personalise to improve experience and response
  5. Communicate via customers’ channels of choice
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One Housing featured in 24Housing

TriPartum client One Housing is featured in the September issue of 24Housing magazine.

One Housing’s Head of Service Charge and Rents, Dan Oehlman, talks about improving efficiency and enabling cost savings through TriPartum’s development of a new rent and service charges booklet.

“This is on top of over 800 man-hours saved by not having to collate and match documents by hand,” says Dan.

Read the full One Housing client story

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