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Digital transition really is a journey. It’s about moving towards the use of digital technology to communicate with customers more effectively, enhance customer experience, increase staff efficiency and ensure Value for Money (VfM) in the delivery of services.

Moving from largely paper-based processes to the use and deployment of digital technologies certainly isn’t straightforward, and organisational inertia often means it’s easy to get bogged down.

So how can you accelerate digital transition? We’ve put together an Ebook that outlines 10 steps that can help speed your journey, including:

  • Review your existing documents and processes
  • Involve all key stakeholders
  • Make improvements – but only where you need to
  • Get your customers’ perspectives
  • Outline a strategy
  • Determine your key goals
  • Identify and leverage data
  • Establish your customer touchpoints
  • Make sure you’re compliant
  • Get external help and expertise
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