There is growing realisation that the monthly statement is the most important document that we have – both in terms of how our brand is put across and how we communicate effectively with clients. TriPartum helped us to achieve this, while also bringing our costs down.

Susan Williams, Marketing Manager, Santander Private Banking

Santander Private Banking in Jersey is part of the Santander Private Banking Division. It needed to move to new monthly statements as part of a major rebranding exercise and transform the effectiveness of these transactional documents as a marketing tool.

TriPartum presented several designs, working with the marketing team on a variety of options to improve the statements, incorporating the key elements of the Private Banking brand into the final design, while retaining a robust framework for the different statement types.

As a result of these efforts, Santander Private Banking now has a new monthly statement that is more effective as a marketing tool. The organisation also used TriPartum’s Managed Service platform, which converts raw data into printable and electronic media for high-volume printing and archiving. It can now produce client documents with 100% accuracy.


Key benefits

  • Reduced paper costs by 50% with the introduction of duplex laser printing.
  • Revised how account information and transaction details were presented, resulting in more transactions per page and further reductions in paper usage.
  • Achieved significant savings with postal discounts through introduction of CBC Bar Codes.
  • Introduced a summary sheet, making information clearer for clients with a consolidated view of their accounts.
  • Included a dedicated variable marketing messaging area to promote new products and services.