TriPartum’s experts came to our head office and went through our requirements very thoroughly, ironing out any issues we had. Their knowledge and expertise provided me with reassurance. They suggested ideas that would benefit both us and our customers.

Kiran Johal, Pension Servicing Manager, Wesleyan

Wesleyan sends an Annual Statement of investments to customers. However, market research indicated that, while the statement was fine from a business perspective, the information needed to be clearer and easier to understand.

TriPartum undertook a thorough review of the various business processes associated with the mailing and made recommendations for an alternative, personalised A5 colour booklet that would replace separate A4 documents. It was agreed this format would be more accessible and user-friendly, with everything combined into one piece.

With the design format agreed, TriPartum used its own composition platform to bring the data together from Wesleyan’s multiple systems, generating files ready for print, working with the company’s printer to ensure a smooth transition.


Key benefits

  • Introduced an engaging, fully-personalised A5 colour booklet and a bespoke portal and associated functionality.
  • Enabled business users to securely maintain current and historical customer statements.
  • Allowed reporting to support a full audit trail, meeting internal compliance requirements.
  • Reduced call centre activity relating to queries by 22%.
  • Alleviated print complexity and the impact on production timeframes and costs.
  • Cut the amount of paper used by 44% compared with the previous format.
  • Increased the number of calls relating to making further investments.
  • Enhanced customer experience and engagement.