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Following the successful event in February, TriPartum hosted another workshop in June aimed at understanding the requirements being placed on Housing Associations and Local Authorities as a result of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016.


James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum Limited.

Bethan Galdwyn, Senior Associate, Hugh James, Cardiff.
Outlined what needs to be done in order to meet the landlord’s obligations as a result of the Act and the anticipated timeframes.

Anthony Cody, Senior Policy Manager – Renting Homes, Welsh Government.
Outlined the current position with the work being undertaken to create illustrative contracts based on the legislation passed by the Welsh Assembly.

David Pickett, Business Development, TriPartum Limited.
Demonstrated a technical solution to help Housing Associations and Local Authorities deliver on their requirements with regard to the issue and re-issue of tenant contracts based on the new legislation.

The Workshop

The workshop held in the delightful surroundings of the Quay Hotel, Deganwy, North Wales, was an opportunity for Housing Associations and Local Authorities to ask questions and understand the various different requirements of the Act.

With the introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, Registered Social Landlords (RSL), including housing associations and local authorities, will have to manage the process of reissuing tenancy contracts to all of their tenants as per the requirements of the Act.

There are a number of challenges to address when fulfilling the requirements of the Act which will take time (and potentially considerable resource) in identifying the content of existing tenant contracts in order to provide revisions which reflect tenants’ rights.

Our initial research has highlighted the need for:

  • a contract system for Senior Management Teams and Housing Managers to easily view all the variations in contracts with residents.
  • a central repository for standard wordings, as at present any changes are difficult to manage and identify across multiple contract templates.
  • an approval, workflow and audit process for changes to contracts when they are issued as there is provision for tenants to seek compensation where they feel they are in a worse position.
  • a straight forward way to make amendments and manage changes to content whilst ensuring that revised contracts can be version controlled and sent to the residents’ channel of choice.

Although there will be a six-month period to deliver the requirements of the Act once the date has been announced, assessing its scope and implications and the effect on internal operational procedures is essential.

A way forward

TriPartum have developed a solution to help with the management and delivery of revised and subsequent contracts to all tenants based on an existing technology supported as part of the TriPartum managed services for Customer Communications Management (CCM).

The aim of the platform is to make the process for delivering contracts to your residents’ channel of choice as simple as possible within a secure environment that has full audit features alongside a user friendly interface.

If you are interested in seeing the TriPartum solution and understanding how we can support you in delivering these requirements give us a call on 0207 186 0055.

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