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TriPartum delivers on new Peabody Customer Communication Initiative

December 12, 2017 – TriPartum, the customer communications management (CCM) experts, has enabled the Peabody Group to enhance customer experience and engagement through a new annual service charges communication initiative.

Following a recent merger with Family Mosaic, the new Peabody Group now provides homes and services to more than 111,000 residents and 8,000 care home service customers. As part of its strategy, the organisation sought to enhance its annual actual service charges mailing, previously a 10-page mono colour document.

“We work with many social housing organisations to enhance their customer communications,” said James Shand, Managing Director, TriPartum. “We met with Peabody’s key stakeholders and created then delivered a 16-page personalised colour booklet which clearly and concisely outlined each recipient’s annual service charges.”

Timescales for the project were very tight – less than three months from initial meetings with TriPartum to a pilot mailing of the final booklet, including complex data sorting and verification. TriPartum really delivered on the project, and since the mailing went out an initial customer survey by Peabody revealed that around 80% agreed the format was an improvement and the content was clearer, and just under 66% indicated it was easier to understand.

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